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Sometimes you just need to talk to an experienced pro.


The eCommerce Strategy Call is a 3-part, 1:1 conversation with WP Marketings lead strategist and founder, Tiffany B.  You get 90-minutes of dedicated time to discuss any idea, plan, or challenge related to your eCommerce business.


What do we discuss in the calls?

  • Call #1: Business Foundations
  • Call #2: Branding
  • Call #3: Next Steps + Strategy Development


After each call, you get instant access to the call replay, and any resources mentioned. After all 3 calls are completed, if applicable, you get your brand audit. & everyone gets their customized planning summary and strategy that we developed. 


Bonus: For up to 30 days after call, you will receive execution follow-up and advice via the Trello Board Chat. 



**The mini package option is only available to those who have already booked the 3-call package. If you purchase a mini call prior to experiencing the Starter Strategy Call Package, your purchase will be refunded.**

eCommerce Strategy Call

    • Answer the questionnaire.
    • Provide a link to your existing eCommerce site (if applicable).
    • Come prepared with your questions. Place in the questionnaire and/or email prior to call. 
    • Arrive at your online call on-time with a good internet connection. We recommend clearing your schedule at least 15 to 30 mins prior and clicking the zoom link 5 minutes prior to meeting start time. 
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