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marketing strategy
that works

break through
that imaginary barrier

We create unique digital marketing strategies and plans for startup boutiques to take the stress out of scaling to the business of their dreams.

what we do


Launch Planning


We go beyond helping you building basic strategies and campaigns. We Create launch roadmaps, ensuring you have the steps to launch successfully.


Klaviyo Email Setup + Management

We deliver a turnkey plan for your business to get setup and optimized on Klaviyo. increase your AOV, get around the Gmail promo tabs, and optimize for the best possible CTR and conversion rates.


Social Media Management


Discover where strategy + creativity + data meet! Go beyond the typical picture and reel strategies that tell you to post three times a day with little to no link to your overall sales goals. 


Paid Advertising

Getting the eyeballs to your site that you need is major key to reaching your sales goals! If you can't get the traffic, you can't make the money. Working with WP Marketing, we curate the ad set you need to get the reach you need!


Website Branding + Design

Is your website giving what it's supposed to give? Is it converting to actual sales? 

Work with WP Marketing to make sure you have a cohesive omni-channel experience for your customer to build the know-like-trust factor!


E-Commerce Strategy + Planning

You've invested in all of the courses and masterclasses, but you're still left confused. We put the information together in a unique plans that fits the vision you have for your brand.

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tired of the struggle bus???

(raise your hand and say 'heck yes' if any of these are you?)

why them & not me?

You're trying not to complain and play the comparison game . . .

But you can't help but to wonder . . .

What do they know that I don't?

burnt out & stressed?

Not only was Rome not built in a day, but it was not built by one person either!

There's no shame in waving the white flag and saying 'help me'!

confused & need clarity?

Who says you have to come up with all the decisions on your own???

Only crazy people! There's nothing wrong getting help with strategy and a little validation that you're already a genius from time to time!

tired of playing it safe?

You're ready to kick things up a notch, but where do you even start? 

What's the next step?

The saying 'scared money don't make money' will keep you stagnant!

sound about right?

Let me guess, you shouted 'heck yes'

I've been right where you are and know exactly how you're feeling! Not just as a boutique owner, but also as someone who has helped so many business owners over come these same feelings of confusion and worry!

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What makes us different?

Most agencies act like they're the boss & that they started the building the business from the ground up. 

WP Marketing focuses on the dreams you have for your business, and we help you plan accordingly, leading the way!

YOU are the difference.

We create unique digital marketing strategies and plans for startup boutiques to take the stress out of scaling to the business of their dreams.

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